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About INOX

Professional Tools

We got the right tools & equipment to cover all your polishing needs. Our imported tools & machinery are always ready to meet your requirements.

Certified Experience

After the tools, experienced & professional team also a important aspect to create a good collaboration between the tools and the user. Our team are always ready to serve you better with their certified experience.

Got the works done. Perfectly.

With the combination of great tools & professional team, INOX are always ready to step up & face another interesting challenges to have the most customer satisfaction rate.


Founded in 2006, Inox Polishing Works & Services is an enterprise focused on polishing stainless steel, metal & aluminium plates, pipes, bar, tanks with machine or hand polished.

We specializes in providing various type of finishes such as hairline, mirror and 4B for stainless steel plates & products.


To provide competitive quality products and exceptional services for every customers.


Lead the trend of mirror finishes for stainless steel industry nation wide.


Ensure timely execution of our services in delivering the highest quality polishing services within a stipulated times period.

Providing Quality Material and Polishing Solutions.

In Inox, we have sort out some steps for a good polishing or finishing. Let us introduce how to properly choose your desired polishing products in different finishing.

First, we must understand your polishing material. Our polishing services do cover various types of metal products that you can choose from. For example, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper.

Secondly, after you have your desired polishing material, we do need to understand your polishing product shapes. There are wide range of products type/shapes to choose from. For example, Sheets, Pipes, Parts, Bars, Plates, Rods.

Once you done with the polishing products, you may need to know the finishing you need to have on the products. We’ve categories as two main categories, first you may have bright finish which is also called as mirror finish. Then, there’s Satin/Matte Finish to have some choices in different finish. In Satin/Matte Finish, we’ve Hairline, Non-Direction, Sand Blasting, 4B & Brush Finishing to choose from.

Once done, we may also provide additional services for polishes products like PE Protection Film, Electrolytically Coloured Finishing, Etching Patterns Finish & Deburring Services.

In case you can’t decide what types of finishing you’ll need or have some questions, Please do contact our friendly customer service representative for some professional advice.

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